ZAP2it reports…

We have some exciting “Psych” Season 8 news for you, “Psych”-Os — three new faces are joining everyone’s favorite seaside psychic detectives.

USA tells Zap2it that Olivia d’Abo (Kevin Arnold’s sister Karen on “The Wonder Years”) will guest-star on the “stylistic journal through the London underground crime syndicate, which we know means she’s involved in the return of Despereaux in some way.

d’Abo will pair up with Vinnie Jones (“Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), as Dierdre and Ronnie, respectively, a pair of street-wise criminal entrepreneurs who pull off heists. Dierdre is good with the knives and is one lass you don’t want to cross, while Ronnie will kill you quick if you double cross him.

Elsewhere, Kali Hawk (“New Girl”) will guest-star as Emmanuelle, a private investigator who goes toe-to-toe with Shawn and Gus as they follow leads on the same case — “her unforgettable beauty and magnolia scent will stay with Gus for as long as he lives.”

“Psych” returns with its musical episode in December and for Season 8 in 2014.