Olivia d’Abo and her production company, Olive Tree Productions are making their debut with “The Homecoming Queen’s Going Down”, a female ensemble in the vein of “Bridesmaids”.Olivia d’Abo will be co-produced this film with Julia Verdin of Rough Diamond Productions and is to be directed by Stan Zimmernan (Gilmore Girls, Rosanne, The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel) and written by Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin (Desperate Housewives, Hannah Montana, Married With Children).

“The Homecoming Queen’s Going Down” Synopsis

Weeks before the 25th High School Reunion at Eisenhower High, it’s discovered that the beloved Principal had rigged their Homecoming Queen election in 1988.The alumni decide to have a re-election just for fun during their reunion weekend.At first the five contestants all agree not to pursue any campaigning for re-election. But soon, old baggage from their teen years rears it’s ugly head and the now grown women battle it out for the tiara and for one to finally be crowned the “real” Homecoming Queen. Through all this they discover what true friendship is really all about.

More information coming soon.