olivia-dabo-music-bio-image-450Olivia d’Abo is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. Born into a prominent musical family in England, she grew up accustomed to Sir Elton John, Dusty Springfield and Cat Stevens popping by for dinner to strum tunes on the family guitar.

Songwriting runs in her blood. Her father, Mike d’Abo, was a lead singer with Manfred Mann. Her mother, model/actress Maggie London, appeared in “A Hard Day’s Night.”. With a pedigree like that, she can count on music to be the wind at her sails, steering her passage to newer, stranger worlds.

In some ways, she resembles Tori Amos or PJ Harvey in her chameleon-like ability to reveal the many colors of being a woman. But her music owes just as much to Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell. At turns gleefully melodic and positively grounded, the one constant-aside from fidelity to her characters-is that voice.

Raspy and mellifluous in a single breath, the evocative lifts and dips make for a truly unique and lingering sound.

She has released her album, “Not TV”, has written songs for artists and composed and performed music for various soundtracks, including the single “Broken” from the movie “Loving Annabelle”. “Not TV” is available for purchase on CDBaby and iTunes.

Other musical projects d’Abo has worked on include backing vocals for Julian Lennon’s “Help Yourself”, an acoustic duet version of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer”, produced by Patrick Leonard, that appears on their “This Left Feels Right” hits album.

d’Abo teamed up again with Leonard to co-write the song “Love Comes From The Inside” for Laura Pausini’s “From The Inside” album.

In 2012 d’Abo composed music for the documentary film “Face2Face”, directed by Katherine Brooks.

2013 awaits the new single release of “Broken”, d’Abo’s duet with Seal and her song “Revolution” appearing in the film “Relentless Justice”, directed by David. A Prior, starring Eric Roberts and Mark Rolston.