Impirioso is a scandalous whodunit weaving a complex story through malicious infidelity, idol worship, multi-national corporate transgressions, conspiracy, incest, and a twin-sister switcharoo.

Impirioso is inspired by the story of Patrizia Reggiani, who is currently serving a jail sentence for the murder of her famous fashion-house husband Maurizio Gucci. But did she do it? Baker’s fictionalization follows the sordid life of Luccia Rosso, a luxury-obsessed social climber who married the heir of fashion empire Impirio Rosso. Brought to life by actress Olivia d’Abo (Law and Order, The Wonder Years), Luccia is a woman driven mad by her obsession with Impirio Rosso; her surroundings become increasingly emblazoned with the Impirio Rosso monogram, which we learn in the film, is a gateway to a malevolent curse.

Impirioso is exhibited at Sarah Baker’s solo show, January- April 2013, at University of Hertfordshire Gallery at Museum of St. Albans, curated by Matthew Shaul. Impirioso was shot with the University of Hertfordshire Film and Television department led by Howard Berry.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.