Olivia d’Abo will be performing live in the role of Luccia Rosso at the National Theatre Studio, England in Sarah Baker’s “Rocco Rosso Riche”. This privately taped performance is an extension of the film “Impirioso”, in which Olivia starred in, also directed by Sarah Baker for a film and gallery installation titled, “Impirioso and Rococo Rosso Casa”, funded by Arts Council England.

The workshop at the National Theatre Studio will culminate in a private sharing- a live performance 15 minutes in duration, including a commercial break. The episode is recorded with a multiple-camera set up and edited on the spot in real-time.

About the performance ► Smells Like Rocco Rosso

Luccia’s perfume line Rocco Rosso Riche is in-development and everything is going horrendously. World-class perfumer Bertolucci presents his test scent- base notes: Leather gloves on a steering wheel, Chocolate cake, Jacuzzi, Arsenic. PR guru DeMartini’s ad pitch portrays a murderous wife. Is Luccia guilty? She has no one to turn to- her personal psychic is in jail and her chauffeur confidant slash illegitimate son has impregnated one of her twin daughters. Meanwhile the ghost of her dead husband Rocco does everything in his ethereal power to ensure Luccia’s insanity.

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