Olivia d’Abo guest starred in the role of Amanda Rogers in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “True Q” episode / Season 6 which aired on Fox in 1992.  The full season will be released June 3, 2014 on Blu-ray, which includes rare deleted scenes. Pre-Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 on Blu-ray at Amazon.


True Q episode details: The Federation starship Enterprise brings aboard a young Starfleet intern, Amanda Rogers (Olivia d’Abo), who plans to study biological sciences under Dr. Crusher. The crew soon finds that Amanda has unusual abilities such as redirecting a falling cargo crate to avoid injury to Commander Riker, and the ability to contain an explosion in the warp core. Q appears and admits that Amanda is actually a member of the Q Continuum, having been conceived by two other Q when they opted to take on human forms and forfeited their Q-enabled abilities. Q has arrived to teach Amanda how to harness her powers, as well as to decide whether to return to the Q Continuum, or remain living a normal human life.

Captain Picard, suspicious of Q’s motives, orders Lt. Commander Data to investigate Amanda’s parents. He finds that they died from a freak tornado in their Kansas home, something that would be nearly impossible with Earth’s weather modification network. Picard asks Q about this, and Q reveals that the Continuum, having seen Amanda’s parents as a threat, killed them while they were mortal. Picard forces Q to reveal his true intentions: to determine if Amanda is truly a Q, or if she is a Q-human hybrid, in which case he has orders to destroy her. Picard argues with Q, and eventually Q agrees to give Amanda the choice of joining the Q or remaining human and voluntarily resisting using her powers.

As Amanda contemplates her choice, the ship receives a distress call from a nearby planet where their ionic anti-pollution systems are failing rapidly, which would flood the atmosphere and block out the sun. The Enterprise crew races to help but cannot keep up with the failures. Q taunts Amanda that should she not join the Continuum, it would be difficult to resist using her powers in cases such as this. Amanda makes her choice and uses her abilities to restore the pollution systems to normal, saving the planet. Q prepares to take Amanda to the Q Continuum, but she requests time to say goodbye to the crew, fearing that she will not see them again—particularly Dr. Crusher, who reminds her that as a Q, she can do anything she wants.